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Achieve your health and fitness goals through individually tailored expert guidance

Acupuncture Session

Releasing Qi Blockage

If you find yourself in pain, acupuncture can help you to address the issue by correcting blockages in the flow of qi through the meridians. Because acupuncture is effective in restoring the balance of energy, the benefits of acupuncture can thus extend to a wide variety of conditions from emotional disorders to digestive complaints. Furthermore, acupuncture offer rewards for the people to boost vitality and stamina.

One-on-One Health Coaching

Individualized Wellness Programs

In my private cleanse intensive, you will be stepping into your new, clean life – and you’ll walk away with all of the tools to maintain it. Once you schedule a 60 minute cleanse consultation, you and I will meet you in-person, over the phone, or via Skype to get to know each other and gain an understanding of your lifestyle – new habits that will be unique to you in transforming your body. After our initial meeting, you’ll be sent a personalized practice plan including the best exercises I’ve come up with through years of research and experimenting.