Acupuncture & Other Holistic Services

Stimulate the Qi and blood circulation in your body through stimulating meridian channels



If you find yourself in pain, acupuncture can help you to address the issue by correcting blockages in the flow of qi through the meridians. Because acupuncture is effective in restoring the balance of energy, the benefits of acupuncture can thus extend to a wide variety of conditions from emotional disorders to digestive complaints. Furthermore, acupuncture offer rewards for the people to boost vitality and stamina.


For optimal therapeutic outcomes, acupuncture may be coupled with other holistic modalities , including:


  • Cupping
  • GuaSha
  • TuiNa
  • Deep tissue massage


Herbal Remedies


Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on the concepts of Yin and Yang. Disease may arise from the condition when a person’s Qi or meridian energy may be depleted or blocked. Yin and Yang aspects of body may manifest with hot and cold, dry and damp, deficiency and excess. Chinese herbal remedies aim to treat these unbalanced state to bring back fundamental balance and harmony between the yin and yang.