Acupuncture Session

What you can expect in your acupuncture therapy?


  • Chief complaint and health history: In your first visit, you will be asked about your chief complaint and your health history. If you are on medication or under the supervision of other physicians, it is important to let your Chinese medicine practitioner know.


  • Taking of the pulse and observing the tongue: The Chinese medicine diagnosis emphasizes the importance of taking and observing tongues, which is the cornerstone to allow your Chinese medicine practitioner to really see a “microcosm” of the entire body.


  • Treatment: Treatment will consist of the use of needles or pressure (with hand or other implement) to access the Qi of the channels, usually at specific points along the body. It may also involve massage, or the use of cupping (glass cups placed on the skin with a negative pressure, producing suction), or other techniques in Chinese medicine.